Are you a journalist, blogger or enthusiast? Have you got a passion for the weird, alternative and the bat-shit insane? Get published on Voodoo Jukebox.

Rules And Guidelines
– Being Birmingham based is preferable but not essential – we’d love to hear about your local scene.
– Please give photographers credit if you’re submitting their work.
– Email/provide links to photos you want to include in your article.
– Use proper English grammar and spelling. Earl Grey tea anyone?
– New pieces/interviews/reviews/list articles are all welcome.
– Topicality is essential, though creativity is highly valued also.
– We’re here to celebrate talent not to ridicule it.
– Unless you’re writing a feature try and keep it under five-hundred words.
– Don’t write about something that YOU find boring.
– Don’t use pretentious words like “plethora”.
– Don’t use boring words like “showcase”.

Voodoo House Style
– Dates to be written as February 12, 2015.
– Song/album to be written as Hammer Smashed Face, no quotation marks.
– Similarly band names to have capitals for the beginning of each word – such as Will Tun And The Wasters.
– Interviews to be submitted as either straight Q&A or as an integrated feature.
– All quotes in italics (except for integrated feature) double speech marks, single speech marks for quotes withing quotes. “After puking he said ‘ Zeppelin ruuuules’ and then fainted.”
Genres to be written lower case – hip hop, death metal, rock pop.
– Hybrid genres to be linked as gypsy-carnival-punk.

If you have any queries, want to make a pitch or a submission just email guy_work461@hotmail.com