Self confessed “Nubian party punk” band Melt Yourself Down play The Rainbow this Friday in support of the release of their second studio album “Last Evenings On Earth”.

If you want to know what “Nubian party punk” is, then perhaps you’re best off going to the gig, but for now just imagine funk with the energy and confrontation pushed to thrilling new levels, giving the sound an almost hallucinatory edge. We spoke to saxophonist Pete Wareham to find out more.


Melt Yourself Down are on their second studio release. How was the reaction to the first album? Did you get any reactions that surprised you?

The reaction to the music was very intense but I wasn’t particularly surprised because the music is intense too.

The sound you lot have is pretty unique. What acts would recommend for those looking for something with a similar vibe to Melt Yourself Down?
How has the sound  of the band developed on “Last Evenings On Earth”? Did you have a brief or plan in mind when you started recording it?
The writing for the album started whilst touring the first album in 2013 and the music naturally evolved as things in our lives have played out since then. By the end the process had become about trying to capture the band’s energy whilst writing and recording.

If Melt Yourself Down could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Mahmoud Fadl, Salwa Abou Greisha or Alsarah.

If Melt Yourself Down were in a remote studio together and found out that it literally was their last evening on earth, how would it be spent?

Face timing with our relatives and children! And possibly playing very peacefully and quietly.
Melt Yourself Down play The Rainbow this friday (6th May). Buy tickets from the link below.
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