Heavy metal will never die, no matter how much some of it’s ageing overlords want to turn it into a museum piece.

If you need an introduction to some of the bands that are keeping the spirit alive then we suggest you start by coming to The Rainbow this thursday.


Conan’s bio says that “they seek nothing less than the crushing of a million skulls”. Fortunately, this seems to be a metaphor rather than some sort of genocidal manifesto. Formed in 2006 as a doom metal two piece, the band have released a stack of records and toured the world since then . This year has seen the release of Revengeance on Napalm Records on which the band broadened their sound to include faster tempos whilst sticking to their original, punishing brief. Their recent output has seen them attract press attention from The Guardian, Vice and The Quietus. Go on, give em a go…


(Be warned, The Bendal Interlude video below is foul and definitely NSFW, though not at all mean spirited.)

I first encountered “The Bendal” in their early days playing euphoric sweaty parties in Liverpool basements. They became one of my favourite “heavy” bands in the country and that hasn’t changed in the decade that’s passed since then. Bands in the “stoner/thrash” genre can often come across as unfocused or meandering, here the riffs and arrangements flow in a way that holds your attention without you realising you’ve been sucked in.  Also, the attitude behind the band sits well with me. They’ve managed to jettison some of the stuff that can hold metal back like over serious macho posturing, alongside embracing a more hedonistic attitude without turning into Andrew WK.  Career wise it’s been a long, slow road for them, but the release of their album “Reign Of The Unblinking Eye” through Black Bow Records should see them start to get the attention they deserve.

Find the event page with details on tickets here –

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