We at Voodoo have a special affection for the strange and exotic. So when we found out DeBasment Promotions have a Zeitgeist show booked at the Flapper and Firkin (15th March) it only made sense to have a chat with organiser and Beyond The Summit guitarist Johnny Chant to find out more .

“I’d suggest going to a DeBasment event with as few expectations as possible. We have intentionally booked our most eclectic range of acts thus far, which is the culmination of the past 6 months of work. We couldn’t be happier with the line-up, we’re truly blessed!”


Sha Abbas

“Shah Abbas is almost beyond description, his art is like nothing else I’ve come across.He evokes an incredible range of sounds from his saxophone, the result of many hours of practice and LISTENING. His performance ‘style’ (ha!) emanates honest confidence and the presence of a man that understands himself.”

beyond the summit

Beyond The Summit

Beyond The Summit (with whom I play guitar), are a psychedelic power trio, embracing of jazz harmony, the raw power of metal and the non-linear song structures of progressive rock. We have recently overhauled their previous material in favour of developing a greater dedication to repetition and groove. Odd, complex time signatures are extemporised upon, whilst maintaining an organic feel.”


Lambhorn are a four-piece, deftly melding rock, prog with surf-psych textures and complex, beautiful song writing. Their music relies heavily upon intricate, intertwining guitar patterns, wrapping one in layers of life-affirming sonic beauty. This will be the first time I have seen them in a live setting, I couldn’t be more psyched to do so.”



Zeitgeist’s set at the last DeBasement event was one of the most powerful and enjoyable musical experiences of my life. The grooves are intoxicating, the jazz-chops are inspirational, the song-structures awe inspiring. The rhythm section is water-tight, the keys riding upon groove after badass groove, flying high with cascades of jazz-drenched lead lines. The description of them as ‘…Meshuggah meets Bill Evans…’ is derogatory in some respects, but humorously accurate. Technicality plus such levels of organic heaviness is, in my humble opinion, ground-breaking (pun intended).”


Johnny Kowalski

*Editor’s note – look out for a review of this gig coming soon on these pages.*

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