Our leading light in the investigation of all things trippy and strange, Craig Barry returns to Voodoo with his second guest review…………

A new offering by Midlands based trio: The Roz Bruce Infusion, purveyors of psychedelia drenched garage rock with a front-woman who has favourably been compared to both PJ Harvey (for the introspective often nakedly honest, yet poetically tinged lyrics of yearning,) and Jimi Hendrix himself (for her virtuoso expressive playing).

Coming in storming with a fuzz laden sense of regret and ire, Goodbye To Love has an intravenously harder edge than previous effort You Deserve To Be Here (see my sprawling review here.) There is an underlying theme of strong minded individual refusing to acquiesce to bad tidings in both love & life, finding redemption through the catharsis of artistic creation and endeavour. The Infusion themselves seem to be at ease: more playful, innovative and adventurous with rhythms and grooves this time round, providing a strong foundation and underpinning throughout. There is also an addition of keyboard on most tracks.

On the jaunty I am Not A Crook, Roz vocally comes across soulful imbuing the spirit of Janis Joplin with passionate delivery of the simple pleading lines of “It’s too much teasing, it’s too much teasing” and “I’ve been a fool, I’ve been a fool”, seeking redemption but knowing all the while it takes two to tango, with this rationale, who can argue? Less psychedelic than previous cuts, the Infusion goes straight for the jugular with What’s It Worth, laying down an impeccable ballad groove that increases with immediacy every 8 bars, enabling Roz’s expressive, bluesy tone to ebb through with utmost confidence & no consequence. Meanwhile latterly: Relationships fizzle out evanescent like, with an melancholy acidic tinge at times, and sober sonnet of couplets at others, punctuated with pained pentatonic expressions (As Though I Had A Choice,) or painted by gilded, deft placed wah splutters of nuance, as showcased on If I was A Man.

Roz Bruce Infusion kick off their February and March tour for the album with a support slot with Nick Turner’s Space Ritual at The Robin, Bilson 11th February. Check out other tour dates on flyer below.


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