If you’re looking for something to do this friday night, then Voodoo Jukebox recommends Lobster Shack at the Hare and Hounds which sees Birmingham reggae punk mainstays Lobster bring their party to one of the best venues in Birmingham for the first time. We spoke to drummer Joe Cook about djs playing Miley Cyrus, multi genre lineups and fantasy club nights to find out more.

What inspired you lot to put on a club night?

We had put on shows in the past for when we released a new record and they always seemed to go down well. I think we were always more buzzing then anyone else in the audience. We hadn’t done one in over a year then the clouds parted and Hare & Hounds asked us if we be interested in putting a night together which for us was perfect as it’s a venue we all love and the chance to work alongside them would be awesome. We are all very passionate about live music particularly within our city so LOBSTER SHACK gives us the chance to make our mark on Birmingham’s cultural landscape and gives us free reign to put on bands and DJs which we want to play with. So I guess our main inspiration is purely for the love of music.


How did you choose the bands and djs?

We wanted to have a line up of multiple genres as a celebration of what Birmingham has to offer. Obviously for us reggae is our bread and butter so asking GO WITH THE FLO to come and DJ was a no brainer he also had done some of our events in the past so its great to have him involved again. It was important for us to get the DJ right as its one of our pet hates when we play gig and the DJ is blasting out bloody Mile Cyrus or something. Cold Fields are friends of ours and have really been working their asses off within the scene so we wanted to offer them a platform and we just really enjoy their material. Dubcherry are a group we have wanted to work with for a long time so to have them on board is great. I think within the music although its different genres and sounds they compliment each other greatly so we wanted to create an event which works as one experience. We also have Abian Richards a.k.a FAFFABOUT doing some live art and will be selling his merchandise. Personally I’m a massive fan of his work so if we can champion his art in anyway that’s a winner. We wanted to see what we could add to make the night a bitter different than just bands.

cold fields

Ok. Who would be on your fantasy club night lineup and why?

Oh man what a question! Can we bring people back from the dead for this? As a band we all have lots of different influences but see eye to eye on reggae, dub, hip-hop, ska, roots, punk ect. We would love to do something with a proper sound system if we could have a rig like Mungo Hi-Fi blasting out that would be heavy. So I don’t know artists like Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Roots, Damian Marley, Chronixx, YT, Descendents, The Skints and bringing in different art forms like poetry and film ect I’m going to be thinking about this all day. With Lobster Shack we really want to champion the grass roots stuff going on its like people will pay £50 to see some washed up super star but won’t pay £5 to see a couple of brilliant local acts so we want to challenge that. Of course Johnny Kowalski & The Sexy Weirdo’s would have to be involved.

Ha! Cheers for the shout out, hope your night goes well.


Facebook event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1156249031070881/

buy tickets here – http://hareandhoundskingsheath.skiddletickets.com/event.php?id=12531891

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