Jam Jah’s weekly reggae sessions relaunch this Monday (October 12th) at the Dark Horse in Moseley. To celebrate this momentous occasion we got selector Robidon to give us a quick run through of the top tunes he’s been spinning recently, with a few words about what makes each tune so special. To hear all the tunes in one convenient playlist, click here.

“This is classic Jam Jah tune that Bongo Damo always played in the early days – part of the vibe of Jam Jah was the international connections, as opposed to strictly Jamaican, and this is an amazing example of European reggae by German outfit Seeed.”

“Warrior King has always been a favourite at Jam Jah since the early days, and had come off the scene a little – and then this came out. One of the reasons I love reggae music is because of the message of upliftment and encouragement – never give up because every man has a mission to complete, and in times of doubt, listen to songs like these.”

“This is a song I love to play, originally picked up a repress 7” and it never left the box. The horns, the bassline, the angelic backing vocals and Prince Lincoln’s falsetto voice… This was recently covered by John Legend, but you can’t beat the original cut! Simply reggae the way it should be.”

“This is the first official music video by the Friendly Fire Band, in which I play the guitar and I also produced. It is also our next vinyl release which will include a remix by Fogata Sounds (France) and a DJ cut by Birmingham’s Cheshire Cat. This Judgement tune is well dramatic so it gave film maker Aman Advaita a lot of scope for this video. And it’s free download from the Friendly Fire Music website, and it gets a lot of airplay on the sound.”

“As we always say, “we can’t just stay inna one place” and you can’t have a night without dropping some tunes for the ladies.. This is one of my favorite Chronixx tunes, the way he rides the riddim makes the tune really hard and tuff despite his soft voice. The new generation of “Reggae Revival” artists is well repped at Jam Jah nights, but the dancehall repertoire of the artist seems to have been forgotten after “bussing” with his first hit Odd Ras.”

“This came out a few years ago on 10” – the conscious toasting of Queen Omega is upfront and militant, and the production is second to none! The way the bass drops on this is quite dangerous indeed, (specially for your scoops). Produced in France, it’s got elements of UK Roots and of One Drop, all with a strong message, so ticks a lot of my boxes.”

“It’s not just that I want to plug the releases…. This is a roots song which came right in time after the elections, where Cameron was sadly kept in power… Despite all the attempts to divide and conquer, we will overcome it all by sticking together and living as one – on this one we tried to make a roots tune in the 70s tradition, and it’s often the closing song of our sets at the moment. Also on free download!”



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