This Friday sees DIY punk legends Eastfield play the Wagon and Horses (Digbeth), alongside crusty folk rave up merchants Flat Stanley, anarcho pop punk from Perkie and banjo led madness from Smut, all for the princely sum of £5. However, this is not your average gig, it’s not even in aid of your average charity. We spoke to Greg from Subvert Soundsystem to find out more.

That’s quite a lineup you’ve got there. Do any of the acts have a particular connection to the cause,  or was it just the first four bands to say yes to a mass e mail like many charity gigs?

“At least 1 is an ex hunt sab and 2 are currently active.Nearly all participating are vegan or vegetarian and would have very strong opinions on hunting for so called ‘sport’.

It’s  not just a veggie/vegan issue though as killing for fun is abhorrent to all right thinking people.Think of the badger as being the British equivalent to a lion. If all this was happening to lions in Africa there would be outrage so I don’t see why we should allow it here.

Some of those reading this won’t be familiar with the cause, so could you sum up the cause the gig is in aid of and why you should support it?

Right now there is a cull of badgers taking place. The badger is being made a scapegoat for bovine TB in cattle which is prevalent in Britain due to intensive farming.

The money will go towards running a kitchen for sabs during the Badger Cull. Food, gas and fuel costs. Any surplus will go to a local sab group.

Can you propose a better solution to the badger problem than the cull that is taking place?

The solution is vaccination not indiscriminate mass slaughter of badgers irrespective of whether they have bovine tb or not. This method is far more effective but here the issue gets more complex, badgers are a protected species and if there is a badger set on some land then developers are not allowed to build on it. If they can vilify the badger and remove it’s protected status then the developers can have a field day building on greenbelt land under this government. . The cull goes against all scientific evidence and this is being ignored due to the political gains at stake.

Finally, there are a lot of rumours about what the future of the wagon and horses is as a venue. Can you give us any clues as to what will happen?

The Wagon will remain in its current form (a high quality DIY venue absent of dickheads?) till Easter. After that I don’t know is the honest answer.


Find the facebook page for this friday’s event here .

For more information on hunt saboteurs and the badger cull, check out the following links –

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