Embrace the Chaos, The Roadhouse, February 12, The Worrisome Ankletrout + Phullipium Dude + Acid Goat + Chinsniffer

Enter Embrace The Chaos – a freakish anomaly in Birmingham’s orthodox gigging hinterland. It’s an event that puts poetry, grindcore and fiddles in the same sentence. An event where a gig photographer can lose their fucking mind, fall backwards, hit the floor and then commandeer the microphone. An event where thirty people’s curiosity counts for more than one-hundred people’s mindless applause. Demographic? What demographic? Fuck demographics! This is for the unaccounted for, the intrepid, the freaks…

“Karunkakssshhhh” beautiful violin playing “karunkakbbbzzzzz,”this unfortunately sums up John-Joe Murray aka The Worrisome Ankletrout on account of a bum jack lead. Chaos, intentional or not, has arrived. But his spontaneous loops of folk-fiddle capture the imagination of the small dedicated audience, and his set of hilarious and enigmatic tunes largely taken from his Deep Streams Steep Dreams album receive a warm welcome. Forever pacing back and forth onstage, he stops only to shout words such as “business with teeth! economics with claws! taking more for the less and leaving less for the more!” Check out his album here.

“barazzzzzzzzzzz oorumba barazzzzzz… boomkatishboomkatish dududududud!” *Incomprehensible screams* “kakakakakakaktishtishtishkakakakak” – noise artist Phullopium Dude eloquently chips in.

But Joe Cook, poet, is humbly vexed – probably having never anticipated playing on a bill as fucked up as this,  especially having to follow a hooded figure screaming over pure noise. He laughs to me “how the fuck am I supposed to follow this?” But as he introduces himself and begins to speak, his words are the first to be fully understood. His poems are relatable, sincere and feature a sardonic wit capable of simultaneously parodying and expressing his attitudes towards racism, heritage, social networking and his previous struggles in the education machine. “But when expression is sprayed on a wall they call it vandalism, unless its a Banksy, hanging up in a middle class study how very fancy. ” Indeed, for more Joe Cook go here.

Acid Goat – a three piece stoner doom outfit from Brum who should have been fifty times louder. Their slow grinding grooves are as cool as their stickers, which I put all over HMV in the Bullring because I was feeling rebellious in bangra section. Check them out here.

By Chinsniffer, who’re joined by Phullopium dude, the sound engineer starts to totally fucking lose it. She’s unable to comprehend a sound as brutal as it is hilarious from a band who clearly don’t give a fuck. They’re like old school Napalm Death joined by Merzbow but without the veganism or political agenda. They’re lead by an insane grindcore drummers called Trippy Pigeon (nobody knows his real name) capable of  the unholiest of sporadic blast-beats. Its something you’d imagine to find in Guantanamo Bay’s infamous “disco” chamber – screaming and noise manipulation from unidentified contraptions and total annihilation. All I could do was just look on in vexation, bewilderment, and awe as I realised that I was beginning to embrace the perfect display of sweet, sweet chaos.


Guy Hirst

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