Birmingham dancehall veterans Friendly Fire Band release new track, Run Away, listen below and download it for free.


The track sails in on one of those hooks that buries itself in your brain so quickly it’s uncanny. The backing ploughs a slow and steady path with bubbling organ licks, the whole affair fueled by the kind of Old Testament fire and brimstone coming directly from that fierce Rastafarian viewpoint. Made available last week Run Away will be familiar to anyone who’s been to their spectacular live appearances, club nights or resident Jam Jah sessions at the Bulls Head in Moseley. It’s undoubtedly the latest in a quality line of classics including Legalise It, Welcome To Holland and Badness, BIG UP!

Words by Johnny Kowalski. You can read Voodoo’s interview with Friendly Fire Guitarist Robin Giorno here.

Check out more Friendly Fire below.


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