Introducing Embrace The Chaos: A most deliberate, incredible DIY and low-fi sound clash at The Roadhouse February 12. Poetry, doom metal, fiddles,  grindcore and dystopian  electronic noise.

Joe Cook: He poetically verbalises his dismay towards the modern world with wry observations and sardonic wit, waxing lyrical about suburban acrid grey cities, consumerism and the perils of distancing ourselves from our emotions via the social networking disease. Ironically, you can check out his Facebook for more.

John Joe Murray: Multi instrumentalist and composer John-Joe has released a full length album, two short EPs and several music videos. He creates off the wall anti-folk loops, often under the pseudonym The Worrisome Ankle Trout. He has even supported & played with Can’s Damo Suzuki Network, performing his own inspired “spontaneous composition” and ‘Be-troot-to-your self’. Murray wafts an engaging stage presence and charismatic demure. Check out John Joe Murray’s Facebook.

Phullopium Dude: Using an impressive array of circuit bent instrumentation and bespoke technology Nathan Gavin carves a baleful niche out of the already brutalized face of noise. Leaving behind chunks of barely reconcilable mash-ups & his own strange concoctions scattered in his wake. Influenced by the likes of Jean Jacques Perrey, BBC Radiophonic Workship & Bruce Haack & Raymond Scott, Phullopium Dude utilises field recording techniques and incorporates samples from his travels into every show. Check out his Bandcamp.

Chinsniffer: Arguably bringing the most chaos to the bill, the sporadic music of these Liverpudlian grindcore aggressors can even make releasing a small rodent into the wild incredibly unnerving, so the video below proves. Check out their Facebook.

Acid Goat: This Birmingham three-piece stoner doom outfit fly the flag for all that is down-tuned,sludgy and stoned. Think Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Weedeater, Eyehategod, and Dopethrone. For more info go to their Facebook.

Embrace The Chaos have been hosting events in and around Worcester for four years now, bringing to light such scintillating out-of-town acts such as Manchester’s Paddy Steer, Liverpudlians Barberos, Horse Bastard & Stig Noise Sound System, Brummy ska punk band Mr Shanky & Stiff Joints, and Gloucestershire’s dub-jazzniks Glowpeople. In addition they also showcase such international oddities as : Ultra Zook (France) , Coil Guns (Switzerland) & Mr Macaille (Belgium).

Words  by Craigus Barry & Guy Hirst.

Embrace The Chaos: February 12, The Roadhouse Birmingham, £5 OTD, Doors at 19:00

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