Go get yourself a bottle of tequila, a pogo stick and fill a dark room with fifty inflatable sex dolls and dress them in tie dye, gentlemanly hats and alpaca wool ponchos. It’s imperative that one of them should remain topless and be addressed as Nicolas- no time for questions! Super cool balloons and banana costumes are optional, the new Sexy Weirdos album Kill The Beast, however, is not. Whack that fucker up and initiate the Sexy Weirdos gig simulator in five…four…three…two…one…

Obliterated them damned blow up dolls in a drunken hurricane of pogoing and gypsy-carnival-lunacy? Splendid, now let’s discuss the album.

Kill The Beast is like a Nantucket sleigh ride on a whale relishing an acid trip. It leaps joyously, bounces erratically and pulls us along at break neck speeds into totally unexpected and bewildering territories. From the grandiose-march turned schizophrenic rant of the opening track Nailbiter, the dubby interlude and wolf howling on Good Shark, and perhaps most interestingly the vocals on the title track. Kill The Beast – a gig tested instrumental and sinister variation of Django Reinhardt’s overly happy song Belleville (I’m unsure if this is intentional) features some awesome and totally unanticipated scat vocals from Call Me Unique, who sounds like an angry apparition of Ella Fitzgerald. Creepy.

For the most part this second album is Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos version 2.0. The album raises the bar considerably, or rather, punches it skyward. The brass sections are so god damn punchy that they’re punch-drunk, only the punchiest punches punched their way on to this album. Johnny’s vocals are perhaps one of the most transparent improvements of the Sexy Weirdos 2.0, especially on Nailbiter. For whatever reason (never mind how!) he’s taken on the voice of a maniacal Joe Strummer, which is a bloody coincidence, because the last album David Yates (tuba) recorded was on The Clash’s 1980 album Sandinista.

Their dedication and new line-up has brought with it sleeker, solid, and more articulate arrangements. Though their debut release Victory For The Monsters was lovably DIY and ramshackle it didn’t come close to replicating the energy of their live performances, which for a hardened veteran was pretty important. Kill The Beast however does this very well. The Sexy Weirdo Army can now get their fix when they need it and newcomers can get an authentic glimpse into their high calibre music. And I’ll be damned if Tequila Song doesn’t want to make you neck tequila, damned!

So listen here, gather round, take a knee…the Sexy Weirdos have released an album called Kill The Beast and they killed it (rest in peace acid whale). If you dig carnival klezmer crossover punk that one might find when hammered, with glow sticks around one’s neck, in a tent somewhere at a festival, then Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos are waiting for you, they’re ready. Now go forth, drink and be merry!

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