Avast! It’s all about eating dried baboon penises, falling in love with a lady boy called Steve, fighting off killer whales with nothing but a bucket of rusty nails, and of course, having Cher’s illegitimate and amphibious fish-child, Horatio. If its absurd nautical hilarity and parodied genre crossover pigeon holing ye be wanting, then climb aboard the psychedelic-gypsy-punk-prog-hip-hop-shanty-folk vessel of Seas of Mirth. Voodoo hounded the debauched and maniacal buccaneers ahead of their UK summer tour to find out exactly why crabs make a mockery of the pirate race…the bastards!

“Well nobody really wants to be beaten up by a crab do they? It’s embarrassing!” Fruit Shoot Pete bellows. Their song The Crab Devastation Of 1754 clearly explains their distaste for these troublesome and cantankerous crustaceans. Zorba the Blowfish Absorber recites “for a giant crab will come in the night, with his beady eyes just looking for a fight, with his pincer arms, and his pincer face, he would make a mockery of the pirate race, yargh.”

“Now Cher she was a real fucking pirate, the way she commandeered that battle ship and all, that was just pure skill.” Fruit Shoot Pete recalls. In fact Cher becomes a central character in their song The Sinister Sisters Of Sicily, with her amphibious face and froggy voice that seduces our swashbuckling protagonist. “Aye, those would be lyrics written when sexually depressed, lonely, and living in a council flat in Birmingham,” Fruit Shoot Pete recollects .


Crew of Mirth from left to right: Lady Toenail Fredd, Admiral Arse Beard, Piss in the Wind Mindy, Cannon Ball Paul, Zorba the Blowfish Absorber, Shitluck Lechuck, Mr Mantis Mcgee and Fruit Shoot Pete.

Seas of Mirth are participating in BoomTown’s Old Town pirate take over this year along with bands such as The Destroyers, Gypsy Hill, Tantz, Drunken Balordi and Buffo’s Wake. They’ll surely be out-pirating many of the acts. “Diving for Sunken Treasure, Pyrates, Rupa and the April Fishes, who are they and why are they higher than us!” Shitluck Lechuck continues “to be a pirate musician rapscallion ye must get your ten a day, work out daily, and if you’re interested, our new aerobics video is out soon ‘Seas of Girth with Seas of Mirth.’”

Thankfully the group have their share of piratey shenanigans, experiences and dreams. “Cannon Ball Paul once did all but ten one handed press-ups on a table in Bristol harbour in front of a sea of dames and Zorba once sucked off a cannon…not at the same time, mind.” Fruit Shoot Pete continues “We’ve also recently played the dastardly German isle of Helgoland at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Butterfahrt Festival. We’ve only ever been to Legoland so that was a big one for us!”

“If we could do glorious battle with any sea leviathan you say? Moby Dick…nah, the Kraken…meh, we need a real challenge; we’ve heard that Fern Britton can put up a good ol’ fight, there she blows! Fetch the harpoons,” the Mirth crew hoorahs. “And for the single of our new album Esmeralda we intend to gallop gallantly on Shetland ponies from Skegness to Mapplethorpe. The most piratey place in the UK is Kidderminster, no joke. There’s a pub in saaaaf laaandaan called the Montague Arms that has nautical crap everywhere, and skeletons of ancient locals too.”

Funnily enough their thoroughly piratey conduct formed through a mutual love of the Korg Triton 1000 synthesiser, and the birth of Mirth can be attributed to evening jamming with a Cypriot named Yannis, drinking rum and listening to Manowar. “This band has aged us horribly, we owe a loan shark a lifetime of money and we’re utterly unemployable, but it’s made our lives considerably less beige. Our crew’s favourite poison? The tears of sea men!”


Seas of Mirth start their UK tour on the 16 May at the Buccaneer Ball in Lincoln.
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You can stream/buy their debut album Septopus here.

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